Rick Bartow: Things You Know But Cannot Explain;
Autry Museum Installation

May 12, 2018—January 6, 2019

“The Autry's exhibition design is stellar; its environmental atmosphere and division into sectional pillars that reflect the narrative structure of the survey are clear and engaging.”
—LA Weekly

“Thank you for your incredibly thoughtful exhibition designs. You added so many spot-on touches, elements that are both out of the “contemporary art” ordinary, disarming for viewers, and additive to the context of Rick. The groupings were sharp and terrific… I imagine that you have a team you collaborate with but several folks said that you had particularly strong impact on the success of this exhibition install… Congratulations and many, many thanks!”   
—Charles Froelick, Rick Bartow’s gallerist

Design an exhibition in a 5,600'2 space that honors the work of Rick Bartow, an important American artist from Newport, Oregon, whose work crosses boundaries, celebrates the traditional and the contemporary, and broadens conventional interpretation of Native art. This is an openly interpreted travelling exhibition originating from the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, Oregon.

Design a space that speaks to the artist’s environment, techniques, and personality while not taking away the energy and power of the works. Aspects of revealing, pulling apart, and carving away are used with natural materials in the title walls, labels, and railings to reflect and emphasize the artists methods. The colors used are either from or relatives of materials used in the artwork.

The exhibition identity is meant to communicate the tension, oddness, and vitality that is key to Bartow’s work.

Creative director, Art director, Lead designer, Content development, Curation

Designers ....... Alan Konishi 
Curation ......... Amy Scott, Sarah Wilson 
............ Autry Museum


Type Mark + Banner Application


Elevations + Floorplans + Materials + Content Planning: